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Dr. Terry Rose, Smile In Style

A great smile is important. Not just because of how it makes you look, but how it makes you feel. Individuals who have a happy and bright smile are typically more confident than those who want to hide their mouth behind closed lips or who simply don’t smile as often as they would like.

If you’ve wanted to change your smile, it may be an easy cosmetic fix, such as teeth whitening or bonding to fix a chip or break. However, in some cases, patients that have several cosmetic flaws that need to be addressed, the most affordable solution is often to consider dental veneers. Made of very thin strips of porcelain, dental veneers are bonded to the front of the teeth and can hide many imperfections, including discoloration, minor misalignment, chips or cracks, and misshaped teeth. Veneers can be used on a single tooth or to cover several teeth.

The application of veneers usually requires two trips to the dentist. During the first visit, a very small amount of the tooth enamel will be removed. This ensures that when the veneers are placed, you will still have a natural looking smile. Then your dentist will take impressions. These impressions are used to create your dental veneers. It’s important to note that each set of veneers is specially created according to your dentist’s specifications. We can also offer same day veneers in some cases using our CEREC CAD CAM chairside system.

When the veneers are ready, you will return to the dentist’s office to have them placed. The dentist will check the veneers for fit and appearance. When you and the dentist are both happy with how they look, the veneers will be permanently bonded to the front of the teeth. For some people veneers may not be a suitable option if their teeth are too grossly malaligned, too broken down or exhibit heavy wear due to bruxism.

Caring for the veneers is just like caring for your natural teeth. Patients will need to brush and floss carefully and be sure to avoid biting on hard objects such as pens, sourdough pretzels, or ice, as the veneers can chip and break just like the natural teeth.

Dental veneers are a convenient, quick, and affordable solution to improve your smile and reboot your confidence. If you’ve been struggling with your smile, call the team at Smile in Style today. You can reach us in Sunbury 03 8001 6021 and Moonee Ponds 03 8400 4104.


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