Safe solutions for amalgam removal in Sunbury

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“Do I really want mercury in my mouth?” It is a question increasingly pondered by residents of Sunbury, and other communities across the globe. Unfortunately, many of those people already have mercury, in the form of dental amalgam in their mouths. Naturally, the next questions to ask are about safe filling removal options. What you should know about the wrong way to remove amalgams Removing a filling is  quite a routine dental procedure. It may be necessary if the filling is damaged, the tooth is decayed, the patient wants something more attractive, or many other reasons. The fastest and simplest … Continue reading

Improper amalgam removal methods could cost Sunbury patients their health

Safe Amalgam Removal from expert dentist in Melbourne

Did you know that dental amalgam – the silver-coloured fillings residing in the mouths of thousands of Australians – contains about 50 percent mercury? Did you know that mercury is a potent neurotoxin, capable of causing a myriad of health concerns? Do you realise that grinding an amalgam filling can dramatically increase exposure to mercury vapor? Not knowing the facts about amalgam removal could cost your health. Smile in Style, with offices in Sunbury and Moonee Ponds, has answers. What is the danger? Dental amalgam is believed by some to be in a stable form in a filling, bound by a combination of other metals. However, … Continue reading

The SMART (Safe Amalgam Removal Technique) choice for Moonee Ponds

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The safety of “silver” fillings has come into the spotlight in the last decade. According to a 2006 survey by Zogby International analytics firm, over 70 percent of adults did not know that 50% of amalgam fillings are made of mercury. As the public becomes more educated about mercury, there is growing interest in amalgam removal in Moonee Ponds, Sunbury and other cities across the country. What you should know before having amalgam fillings removed Having a filling replaced sounds like a rather simple process. The old one is drilled out and a new one put in its place. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Safe amalgam filling removal in the Melbourne area

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Dental amalgam is often called by the innocent-sounding name of “silver.” In fact, that refers to the colour, not the type of metal. Amalgam is an alloy, made of about 50 percent mercury and a mixture of metals. Many patients say they were unaware of this fact when their fillings were placed, and now they want the amalgam removed. Others object to the colour, which tends to blacken over time. It is possible to remove these fillings safely and effectively, but a specific protocol is needed.   Our practice is mercury free, which means that we do not use amalgam … Continue reading

Why Safe Amalgam Filling Removal is so specific in our Melbourne dental practice

Safe Amalgam Filling Removal from dentist in Melbourne

The more science discovers about dental amalgam, the more individual patients are questioning the use of this material to repair tooth damage. Amalgam dental fillings may be referred to as “silver fillings,” but these restorations actually contain a mixture of metals that are bound together with mercury. Fifty percent of an amalgam filling is, in fact, mercury. Although amalgam fillings have been the standard of practice in general dentistry for over a century, there are many good reasons to avoid the use of this material. Patients of holistic-minded dentists are able to choose alternatives to amalgam dental fillings. Even more … Continue reading

Clearing up confusion about amalgam removal in the Melbourne area

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Amalgam fillings were once a standard dental treatment. More recently they have fallen out of favour. Alternative materials such as porcelain or composite resin look natural and do not contain mercury. They often require less alteration to the tooth. Many patients that need a new filling are looking for materials that are biocompatible. However, the decision can be more challenging for those who already have amalgam fillings. The mercury dilemma The precise amount of mercury vapour released by “silver” fillings, the percentage of it that enters the body, and the impact it may have on health, are at the heart … Continue reading