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Dentistry is a field in which a number of advances have come from progress in technology. One of the greatest benefits to occur is that of patient comfort. Our dentists at Smile In Style are happy to provide patients with a high standard of care in which laser dental equipment is used. Laser dentistry allows us to serve even our youngest and most anxious patients in a more pleasant manner. It makes us happy to know we offer the benefits of a dental laser to our patients from Melbourne and surrounding areas.
We use an advanced dental laser, which facilitates incredible precision and comfort while also eliminating the sound of the dental drill patients find so unpleasant. A number of different treatments utilize the dental laser, including:

  • Removing dental caries, or early cavities
  • Treating deep pockets in gum disease
  • Tooth preparation before restorations
  • Smile lifts
  • Disinfecting Root Canals in Root Canal Therapy
  • Frenectomies
  • Removing lumps and lesions for biopsy

Specific benefits are experienced by patients treated with the dental laser.
Better comfort
Often anaesthesia is not necessary for many procedures using the dental laser. There is less inflammation post treatment, so healing is faster and more comfortable.
With no pressure, vibration, or noise, laser dentistry is so gentle and efficient that many patients, even children, find they can receive dental treatments with very little or with no anaesthetic.
More convenience
One of the inconveniences of dental treatment is the way anaesthetic affects the visit, as well as recovery. Very few people can say that they like receiving injections before dental work. Likewise, the numbness and tingling sensations after treatment has been completed can be unpleasant. Laser dentistry can eliminate the injections and post-treatment sensations. Additionally, many patients are able to complete their treatment in a shorter visit.
Strong fillings
Tooth preparation with the dental laser has been shown to encourage a strong bond between composite resin fillings and tooth structure, improving the long term success of restorative care.
Decreased swelling and bleeding in soft tissues
For soft tissue treatments, the dental laser can gently and effectively cut soft tissues in such a way that blood coagulates quickly, decreasing bleeding during and after treatment.
Greater precision
The dental laser is more effective at decay removal than the use of a dental drill. With greater precision, your dentist can repair tooth damage while preserving the greatest amount of natural tooth structure.
Dr. Rose and the Smile in Style team have been serving families from Sunbury, Moonee Ponds, and surrounding areas for the last 20 years. We strive to provide our patients with the best possible care tailored to their needs, using the latest technologies in Dentistry to deliver a high standard of care.
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