Finding the best paediatric dentist for kids

kid's dental care services from dentist in sunbury

When searching for a paediatric dentist for your kids it can feel overwhelming at first. Should you look for a practice that specialises in children, or one with whom you already have a great relationship? Will a dentist who is skilled at root canals and cosmetic dentistry be gentle enough to care for a child? Do you want a large practice or a small one? The dentists at Smile in Style have talked with many parents about their choice for a paediatric dentist. Below are some of the most common questions and answers that have helped past patients with their … Continue reading

Protect your kids’ smile with these tips from a dentist

children's dental care services from dentist in sunbury

Parents around the world agree – every child has a beautiful smile. At a young age, the appearance of your child’s smile is often more about the way it lights up the room and less about perfect alignment and whiteness. However, keeping his or her mouth healthy is a critical job for parents. Many parents call the Smile in Style office with questions about how to best care for their child’s mouth and when they should schedule an appointment with the dentist. Here, the Team at Smile In Style offers several tips for parents: Start early. Even before the first … Continue reading

Your children’s dentist in Moonee Ponds grows healthy smiles with outstanding care

children's dentistry services from dentist in sunbury

As parents, we are keenly aware of our children’s overall health and wellness. Medical concerns are not something we take lightly. The same awareness may not naturally occur when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. This can be especially true in early childhood when baby teeth are entering and leaving the mouth relatively quickly. Understanding the big picture, your children’s dentist in Moonee Ponds will encourage you to take care of your child’s teeth from the day they first sprout from their gums. Baby teeth are important, too Baby teeth, called primary teeth, are only in the smile for a few years in … Continue reading

Kids can feel good about seeing their family dentist near Melbourne

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People of all ages deserve to have positive experiences when they visit the dentist. Far too often, we hear stories from adults who avoided seeing the dentist for years due to unpleasant experiences in childhood. It makes sense that children can feel somewhat anxious when visiting the family dentist. With regular dental care from our experienced dental team, children from the Melbourne area and beyond can actually look forward to dental visits. Our goal is to provide outstanding care to children and their families. If your child has been apprehensive about dental care, realise that you play an integral role in the development … Continue reading

Paediatric Dentistry Treatment in Sunbury only part of the oral health puzzle

paediatric dentistry services from dentist in sunbury

There is nothing like the smiling face of your child to warm your heart. Every parent wants their children to have a beautiful smile. Care for children’s teeth starts early as baby teeth are only in your child’s mouth for a few years. During this time, there is plenty of time for baby teeth to develop cavities and infections. At Smile in Style, early prevention of decay is a major focus of our care and so we provide paediatric dentistry services in our Sunbury and Moonee Ponds locations to keep your children happy and their smile’s healthy. Care starts early … Continue reading