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As parents, we are keenly aware of our children’s overall health and wellness. Medical concerns are not something we take lightly. The same awareness may not naturally occur when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. This can be especially true in early childhood when baby teeth are entering and leaving the mouth relatively quickly. Understanding the big picture, your children’s dentist in Moonee Ponds will encourage you to take care of your child’s teeth from the day they first sprout from their gums.

Baby teeth are important, too

Baby teeth, called primary teeth, are only in the smile for a few years in the grand scheme of things. The fact that these teeth will fall out on their own does not mean that they are not important. Nature gives us baby teeth for a reason. In the years before we are given our permanent teeth, these baby teeth are equally prone to cavities and other painful problems. It is even possible for a child to experience gum disease if there are gaps in oral hygiene.

Protecting the young smile

The dentists at Smile in Style in Moonee Ponds and Sunbury offer outstanding care to children and their families. In our offices, we create a sense of teamwork between our staff and your family so that strong smiles are built and maintained. Oral care starts at birth. Even before teeth begin to show, they are present beneath the gums. Leaving residue in the toothless mouth can cause trouble for new teeth when they do come in. It is for this reason that parents are encouraged to gently wipe their infant’s gums, tongue, and cheeks with a soft, moist cloth after feeding.

One of the goals of parents is to see their children happy. Avoiding painful dental problems is one aspect of childhood happiness that we can help facilitate. Call Smile in Style today to schedule your family’s visit. Phone: Moonee Ponds – 03 8400 4104 / Sunbury – 03 8001 6021  

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