The convenient crown: Why Sunbury and Moonee Ponds patients choose CEREC

Dr. Terry Rose, Smile In Style

You know that dental care is important, but your schedule is already full. It’s hard enough to squeeze in one extra appointment. Where are you going to find the time for multiple visits to get a dental crown? We understand, and that is why we use CEREC technology in our Sunbury and Moonee Ponds offices.

One appointment, one day, one beautiful smile

CEREC exemplifies the many benefits of modern dentistry. It allows us to create high-quality dental crowns with exacting precision, without the wait. The secret is bypassing the external laboratory, with in-office milling.

  • Your new crown is designed and fabricated here in our office, on the same day as your appointment.
  • There is no need for a temporary crown.
  • Bridges, inlays onlays, and other porcelain restorations can also be created using CEREC.

Advanced technology for amazing smiles

How does CEREC allow us to create dental crowns without the laboratory? The answer is CAD/CAM technology. That means Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. With exacting precision and next-generation technology, we can create beautiful restorations faster than ever.

  • Restorations are designed using three-dimensional imaging, eliminating the mess and discomfort of traditional impressions.
  • Visual data is fed into a specialized software program, which your dentist uses to design the restoration.
  • The design is sent to a milling machine, which carves your new crown from a block of quality porcelain dental material.
  • Your dentist refines and polishes the crown before cementing it in place.

The entire process is completed in just one appointment, so that you can get on with the business of living your life and loving your smile. If you need a high quality dental crown in a hurry, call Smile in Style today. You can reach our Sunbury office at 03 8001 6021 or our Moonee Ponds office at 03 8400 4104 or now you can also book online.


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