Why amalgam fillings should be replaced

Dental amalgam was first used as a filling material way back in the 1820s. At that time, New South Wales was in its infancy, and Australia was still a penal colony. About half of a dental amalgam restoration contains a combination of metals such as silver, tin, zinc, and copper. The other half of the amalgam restoration is formulated from powdered mercury, a known toxin. The world has changed considerably in the last 10 years, let alone 200 years, however many dentists still place these fillings.  

Dental Amalgam Restorations in Moonee Ponds Area

As a holistic dental practice serving the Melbourne area, from our Moonee Ponds and Sunbury offices, Smile in Style is built on a foundation of using only materials, techniques, technologies, and procedures that enhance oral health and overall wellbeing. Known toxic substances, which pose risks to our health, are not used in our offices. Moreover, our dentists, Drs Terry Rose, Helen Luo, and Meenakshi Rajcoomar, are all aware of the threats presented by removing amalgam fillings that contain more mercury than anything else.  

Why we are “mercury-free”

Mercury is continuously being emitted from dental amalgams. This mercury is then absorbed by your body’s tissues and organs, where it accumulates. Certain behaviours and conditions intensify mercury exposure.  For instance, more mercury is released from your teeth if you have bruxism (grinding) and chronically grind your teeth. Likewise, the heat associated with soups, coffees, other hot beverages, and hot foods can also increase the amount of mercury that is released from amalgam fillings.  As a Holistic Dental Practice, we chose not to use amalgam fillings in our rooms.  

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The value of “mercury-safe” dentistry 

Mercury vapour is also emitted during the filling removal process. This process poses risks not only to the patient but to our dentists, staff, and the environment. As a result, our office has taken considerable safeguards to assure our patients that mercury fillings are removed safely, precisely, and efficiently in our rooms. Our office has featured some of the numerous ways that we minimise mercury exposure on this website – from air purifiers and high volume vacuum extractors to remove mercury vapours,  to providing a supplemental oxygen source to breathe during the removal process, use of rubber dam to prevent you swallowing any amalgam, to the use of protective masks and respirators for staff.  

Additionally, we are proud to offer strong, durable, non-metal dental restorations. We can create everything from composite white fillings to veneers and crowns in the house in a single visit by using the CEREC system. CEREC is a state-of-the-art method of reconstructing tooth restorations. CEREC uses computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to create restorations from biocompatible porcelain for our patients in a single day. 

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Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol

  • Chlorella drink prior is given prior to treatment and a mouth rinse post-treatment. Chlorella can help bind and prevent mercury absorption.
  • Physical protective barriers - Masks, protective coverings, eyewear, in-mouth non-latex dental dams, and other steps are taken to prevent physical contact with mercury for the patient and staff.
  • Oral evacuation - Generous amounts of water are used to continuously rinse particulate matter from the mouth while suctioning it away. Combined with protective dental dams, this prevents patients from swallowing dental amalgam particles during treatment. Additionally, the rinsing helps lower the temperature of the filling, reducing the amount of mercury vapour released.
  • External air - A continuous supply of non-contaminated air or oxygen is delivered via a mask or similar apparatus, preventing inhalation of mercury vapour or particles.
  • "Chunk it out" method - Rather than using a drill to grind the filling down, it is carefully removed in the largest possible pieces, minimising friction, vaporisation.
  • High Volume Evacuation Suction is used by the dental assistant to remove amalgam particles in the mouth.
  • High Volume Air suction and Air Purifiers are used in the clinical room that is able to remove mercury vapour from the room.
  • Amalgam separator use - This device collects mercury-contaminated waste before it can enter the sewage system, allowing us to dispose of it safely.