Moonee Ponds dental tips: Caring for your bridge

Dr. Terry Rose, Smile In Style

At our offices in Sunbury and Moonee Ponds, one of the most popular tooth replacement options is a dental bridge. It provides a fast and affordable solution, which restores chewing ability and looks natural. With good hygiene habits, a bridge can be long lasting.

The importance of maintaining your bridge

A dental bridge is composed of a replacement tooth fused to dental crowns. These crowns are fitted over teeth adjacent to the gap, thus supporting the whole unit. It is a strong and stable restoration, as long as the supporting teeth remain healthy. However, if decay sets in it can spread rampantly under the crown, destroying its bond with the tooth. You may not even realize there is a problem until the bridge becomes loose or falls off.

Effective hygiene techniques

When plaque is not removed from tooth surfaces promptly, it begins eroding enamel and soon a cavity forms. As you probably know, brushing and flossing are your best defences against decay. Standard hygiene techniques do not remove food and plaque trapped under the false tooth in a bridge. How can you keep your mouth sparkling clean, and extend the longevity of your new tooth?

  • A Waterpik can help remove particles, but is not a replacement for flossing
  • Use a floss threader to get floss under the bridge for thorough cleaning
  • Take extra care brushing along the gum line of crowned teeth
  • Ask your hygienist to demonstrate effective techniques
  • Dental check-ups and teeth cleaning are essential to remove any tartar build-up, and address problems as soon as they begin.
  • For a simpler, longer-lasting solution, ask us about an implant

With good habits and regular visits to Smile in Style, you can keep your smile white, healthy and dazzling. Call 03 8400 4104 (Moonee Ponds) or 03 8001 6021 (Sunbury) or book online at


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