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At Smile in Style, we use the latest technologies in Dentistry to treat our patients. We use high standards of care which include; use of the Diagnodent for laser decay detection, the dental laser for many dental procedures and a safe amalgam protocol to remove amalgam restorations. We do not use amalgam; instead we use biocompatible restorative materials. At Smile in Style, your dentist in Moonee Ponds will provide you with healthy, biocompatible tooth colour restorations made from composite or porcelain (CEREC) materials.
Amalgam is made up of a mixture of different metals including 50% liquid mercury by weight to bond and hold the material together. Mercury is a natural element that has extremely toxic characteristics. Mercury is the most toxic of all heavy metals, even more poisonous than arsenic or lead. Radioactive materials are the only group of materials that are more toxic to the body than mercury.
Those who support the use of dental amalgam believe that this substance, in such small amounts, cannot harm the body. Amalgam, many believe, creates strong, inexpensive restorations that last many years. The truth is that mercury vapours are constantly released from amalgam restorations. This mercury vapour released from amalgam restorations may accumulate in the body, which can result in a range of severe illnesses and may severely compromise health in the long term.
Furthermore, amalgam actually may not be as good for teeth as some think. Being formed from various metals, amalgam restorations expand and contract with temperature changes. This expansion and contraction often leads to the eventual fracture of the tooth requiring further treatment and possible loss of the tooth.
For these reasons many of our patients seek our “safe” amalgam removal protocol and then choose to replace their amalgam restorations with composite or porcelain CEREC restorations.
At Smile in Style we practice Holistic Dentistry. Contact Smile in Style Moonee Ponds for your appointment. Ph. 03 8400 4104.
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