Improving Dentistry Services in Moonee Ponds with advanced technology

Dr. Terry Rose, Smile In Style

We are fortunate to live at a point in time where scientific advances allow a greater degree of comfort and success in dental treatments. At Smile in Style we strive to provide our patients with the best technology available. We use innovative tools to help us accurately diagnose and treat a whole range of dental issues including; gum disease, tooth decay, replacement of missing teeth and cosmetic options such as orthodontics, whitening and veneers.

One of the tools we use at Smile in Style is the dental laser, which enables patients to undergo treatment without the need for local anaesthetic. This laser energises water in tissues to become a powerful tool eliminating the vibration and heat that is typical of a conventional dental drill. Some of the ways we may use this technology include:

  • Accurate removal of damaged tooth structure for a dental restoration. The accuracy of the dental laser allows us to preserve more of your tooth structure. This creates a stronger surface for fillings to bond to.
  • In root canal therapy, the dental laser may be used to disinfect the root canal(s), thus increasing success rates and minimising discomfort.
  • Gum treatments are more precise and more comfortable with the use of laser technology.
  • Healing responses are also improved.

Technology has also changed the way that decay can be detected for pits and fissures in teeth. Rather than relying on conventional diagnostics, such as poking the enamel with a dental tool, we now use a Diagnodent laser to detect decay with a greater accuracy. First the grooves of the teeth are thoroughly cleaned out using a salt spray. Then the Diagnodent is run over the clean surfaces of teeth, emitting a laser light which detects even tiny pockets of decay. Having diagnosed the decay in a tooth, we are then able to use our dental laser to clean the decay away and place a white restoration in your tooth.

Smile in Style is committed to patient comfort, and the use of the Diagnodent laser to detect decay in grooves of teeth. We are then able to perform minimally invasive dentistry to restore the teeth often without the use of anaesthetic. Contact us today for an appointment at our Moonee Ponds office on Ph. 8400 4104.


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