Moonee Ponds patients enjoy benefits of advanced technology with CEREC Omnicam

Dr. Terry Rose, Smile In Style

Smile in Style takes pride in providing quality dental care with biocompatible materials and cutting edge technology. As dentistry continues evolving and advancing, we regularly add to, or upgrade, our office equipment to keep up. One of the most recent additions to our Moonee Ponds practice was a new CEREC Omnicam system.

What it is

While you might not recognize the product, you will surely enjoy its benefits. CEREC Omnicam is a next-generation dental imaging system, designed for efficiency and precision accuracy. It is a small handheld device, which the dentist uses to scan the interior of your mouth. The data is sent to our computer, and CAD (Computer Aided Design) software renders a full colour, accurate, highly detailed virtual model of your teeth. Although CEREC imaging technology was originally developed as part of the complete in-office design and milling system, it has evolved to be beneficial in a number of diagnostic and treatment planning applications.

Why it is important

CEREC Omnicam helps improve the comfort and convenience of your dental experience while delivering exceptional results due to precise and highly detailed data.

  • Forget the messy dental impressions with uncomfortable trays. Digital impressions are used for designing crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and more.
  • Unlike previous 3D imaging systems, there is no powder required. The process is as simple and comfortable as taking a picture.
  • CEREC Omnicam digital impressions are now compatible with Invisalign, for orthodontic treatment planning.
  • Used in conjunction with CEREC in-office milling, this allows us to create one-appointment crowns and some other dental restorations.
  • Precision accuracy facilitates optimal aesthetics and proper fit of restorations.
  • CEREC restorations are metal-free and biocompatible. They are coloured to match your other teeth for a flawless and natural looking appearance.
  • CEREC technology is backed by a quarter-century of clinical research and dedication to advancing dentistry.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of high tech dentistry? Just call Smile in Style and schedule an appointment. You can reach our Moonee Ponds office at 03 8400 4104. If you prefer to visit us in Sunbury, just call 03 8001 6021. We look forward to helping you love your smile and love your dental experience.


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