Melbourne area holistic dentist gives patients a reason to smile

enjoy great oral health with holistic dental care from dentist in melbourne

Traditionally, dentistry was viewed as the art of tooth repair. Problems in the mouth were considered isolated and unrelated to the rest of the body. Often, patients were treated much like a machine in a repair shop. Thankfully, that approach is changing – and holistic dentists are leading the way.

The science of smiles

Today, we have a much better understanding of the human body, including the mouth, and we continue to learn more every day. There is still much to be learned, and certain topics are debated among experts, but one fact has become overwhelmingly clear: The body is a complete system, and its wellness depends on the health of every part. Just imagine a finely tuned clock. If one gear were damaged, the effects would not be confined to that gear. It has been proven that oral disease is linked to a long list of systemic health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, pre-term births, and many more. We also know that anything you or a dentist puts in your mouth has the potential to affect your overall health.

How holistic dentistry is different

You might expect this wealth of new information to revolutionise dental care. That is happening, but industry-wide progress is very gradual, and there is a considerable disagreement among dentists. Some cling to old-school ways, resisting improved materials, delaying the implementation of new technology, and minimizing the importance of the mouth-body connection. Others, particularly holistic dentists, embrace the latest advances in dentistry, opt for the most biocompatible materials available, and focus their practice around overall health and wellbeing.
Holistic dentistry is not about your teeth, it is about you. Your dental care is customised according to your unique needs, health conditions, lifestyle, and goals. We work to help you improve your overall health and quality of life with improved oral health, and a smile you can take pride in. Every material or device we use meets our elevated standards for quality and safety, and every procedure is designed to improve optimal health and functionality.
Smile in Style has two convenient locations in the Melbourne area providing quality, compassionate holistic dentistry for patients of all ages. Call our Sunbury office at 03 8001 6021 or our Moonee Ponds office at 03 8400 4104 and schedule a consultation.
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