Five ways to make dentist appointments and oral hygiene fun

oral hygiene fun at dentist in Melbourne

Childhood is a time of rapid change. In a few short years, the bone structure, teeth, muscles, and joints grow, develop, and strengthen. The same is true of a child’s habits. Good oral hygiene and a good attitude towards oral health can give your child a solid foundation for a future of bright smiles. One of the best ways to cultivate a positive attitude is by making their home oral hygiene fun!

  • Oral hygiene is better together – Children learn by example; they love to imitate and participate. You can tell them it’s important to brush and floss, but if your own hygiene habits are lax, the message loses its impact. If you have a double sink, you can even brush together.
  • Teach kids to cook – According to a study by the American Heart Association, getting children involved in food preparation makes them more likely to try healthy foods. The study also found a reduction in the amount of junk food consumed and the number of meals eaten outside the home. This can have dual benefits for oral health. Less junk food generally means less sugar and acid which can damage teeth. Eating healthy food is essential for a strong immune system to fight off oral disease.
  • Choosing a toothbrush – When your child is able to brush his or her own teeth, you will find a variety of specially designed toothbrushes. They typically come in bright colours featuring cartoon characters or fun themes. Children tend to be more enthusiastic about oral hygiene if it’s fun, so these options can be quite helpful. Comfort and functionality are still the most important features. Never choose a brush that is difficult for your child to use, too large to reach all tiny teeth, or has hard bristles, no matter how cute it is.
  • Brush to music – One of the most common mistakes that children and adults make, is brushing too quickly. It should take around two minutes or longer to brush thoroughly. If your child tends to rush, you can try setting a timer. Alternately, you can find a song that goes for around 2 minutes and make it a game to brush their teeth to the music.
  • Choosing the right dentist – We understand the importance of providing gentle dental treatment, showing kindness and compassion, while having fun at the dentist. We use gentle techniques and the latest technologies to ensure our littlest patients look forward to visiting their dentist and the friendly staff at Smile in Style.

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