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When searching for a paediatric dentist for your kids it can feel overwhelming at first. Should you look for a practice that specialises in children, or one with whom you already have a great relationship? Will a dentist who is skilled at root canals and cosmetic dentistry be gentle enough to care for a child? Do you want a large practice or a small one? The dentists at Smile in Style have talked with many parents about their choice for a paediatric dentist. Below are some of the most common questions and answers that have helped past patients with their search:

Q. Where should I look to find a paediatric dentist?
A. Start first with referrals. This is not the time to randomly select someone from advertisements. Instead ask your friends and family who they use and find out why.

Q. What benefits can a family practice offer over one that specialises in kids?
A. While it may be tempting to take your child to a practice that only treats children, there are some advantages to choosing a family practice instead. Convenience for scheduling can be a big advantage, as is having all of your family records under one roof. Furthermore, when you have a good relationship with the dentist, your child is more likely to trust him as well.

Q. Do you have any tips for making my child more comfortable with dental visits?
A. First, start by bringing your child with you to one of your dental check-ups. Let your child see you sit in the dental chair and go through a dental examination. When you show the child that it’s not scary and that you like the dentist, they will be more likely to feel the same way. On their first visit, explain the process, and let the dental team do their magic.

On another note should any dental fillings be needed for your child our office will now be equipped with the latest in technology the dental Lightwalker ATS laser. This laser can often be used to do pain free fillings in adult and children’s teeth (i.e. an injection is rarely needed. The laser manages this feat by using a beam frequency and strength that numbs the tooth and removes decay and tooth) structure quickly without causing pain. For more information please see:

Q. How often should I bring my child to the dentist?
A. Just like adults, children should visit the dentist twice a year. The same schedule should be followed for children. Your child’s mouth can change dramatically in only six months. Keeping a consistent schedule of visits will allow us to pick up any decay early and treat it, helping to ensure good dental health.

For more information about our paediatric dentistry services, call the Smile in Style office today. We have two convenient locations in Sunbury 03 8001 6021 and Moonee Ponds 03 8400 4104.

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