Melbourne area residents have alternatives to amalgam fillings

alternatives to amalgam fillings from from dentist in Moonee Ponds

If you have old dental fillings, there is a very good chance they are made of amalgam. Many patients say they have received “silver” fillings without ever being informed about what those fillings actually contain. In case you aren’t familiar with this fact, silver fillings are actually amalgam. It is not silver at all, but a mixture of metals (an alloy) which is composed of about half mercury.   Although the dental industry has continued to promote amalgam as a safe and economical dental material, a number of independent studies disagree. Many patients disagree, and the holistic dental community disagrees. … Continue reading

Mercury Safe Dentistry in Moonee Ponds and Sunbury protects individuals and our environment

Mercury Safe Dentistry from dentist in Moonee Ponds

It is our goal to help our patients achieve beautiful smiles and at the same time promote general well-being. Smile in Style practices both mercury-free and mercury safe dentistry. In our offices, with locations in Moonee Ponds and in Sunbury, patients can count on our techniques, using only materials that offer long lasting restorations with far fewer harmful side effects than amalgam.   For many years, dental amalgam had been the material of choice for dental restorations. Dental amalgam contains mercury, a substance that is highly toxic, even in small doses. Research findings on mercury dental fillings include: Mercury is … Continue reading

Care from Mercury Free Dentists in Melbourne just makes sense

Mercury Free Dentists in Melbourne

Research regarding the long and short term effects of dental materials has been going on for many years. Despite this research, many dentists continue to use dental amalgam which contains high levels of mercury and several dental associations around the world still stand behind its use. The Smile in Style team is proud to be included into the category of mercury free dentists in the Melbourne area. Care from a mercury free dentist makes sense for several reasons.   A mercury free dentist does not restore teeth with amalgam filling material, favouring instead composite resin, or porcelain which offers several … Continue reading

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