We strive to provide every patient with the best dental care possible.

In keeping with our commitment to individualized treatment, the initial examination is performed in two phases, one with a dentist and the other with a hygienist. Each phase takes about an hour, including visual examination, consultation, and possibly diagnostics as needed. The goal of the first visit is for us to get to know you, understand your unique dental needs, answer any questions you may have, learn about your aesthetic goals, scheduling or budget issues, and discuss your various options.

After the initial visit, your dentist and hygienist devise an optimized and personalized treatment plan. We will invite you back for a follow up about a week later, at no additional charge. During this appointment, you will meet with the treatment coordinator to review and discuss your plan, which is designed to address all dental issues including:

  • Dental caries (also called decay or cavities)
  • Periodontal health including gum disease treatment
  • Functionality, including tooth alignment, cracked teeth, or gaps between teeth
  • Cosmetic treatment to enhance the appearance of your smile or correct aesthetic flaws

Your consultation with the treatment coordinator will include reviewing radiographs, photographs, models, and other diagnostics to help you understand which treatments are recommended and what they will accomplish. We will only recommend treatments or plans that we believe will achieve the best possible results. However, if there is more than one good option, you will be presented with a choice, and a comprehensive explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each proposed plan.

For your convenience, we accept several forms of payment. Your options are:

  • Interest free payment plans with National Dental Plan (Certegy Easi-Pay)
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Cash
We are happy to assist our patients with private health insurance claims. Simply bring your insurance card to your appointment, and we will use the HICAPS system to electronically file your insurance claims. Any difference in cost can be paid in the same system using your EFTPOS card.
We choose digital x-ray technology for several reasons. This technique only uses about 20 percent as much radiation as standard film x-rays do, which is healthier for you as well as the environment. Digital x-rays do not involve film, so there is no harmful chemical waste produced as a by-product of processing. Additionally, these images are clearer and immediately viewable, improving the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostics.
Smile in Style is equipped with a secure, state-of-the-art computerised record system. This allows us to easily make appointments, share vital information with our patients, and collaborate between offices when necessary. Both of our offices are set up on this system, which means no matter which office you visit, all of your pertinent patient information will be readily accessible.