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There is no doubt that the smile is our most unique and personal feature. Sadly, there are far too many people who feel embarrassment over the appearance of their teeth, and thus hide their smiles in social and professional settings. If you are not happy with the brightness of your smile, teeth whitening is the ideal treatment for you. For several years now, teeth whitening has topped the list of cosmetic dental treatments. This form of enhancement is dramatically effective, leading to a brighter smile and greater confidence.

Before beginning teeth whitening treatment, your Smile in Style dentist will evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. In the presence of cavities or gum disease, teeth whitening can be uncomfortable and ineffective at improving the smile. Treating these conditions first is important to comfort and satisfactory results.

Teeth Whitening Treatment explained Dr. Terry Rose

Teeth Whitening Treatment explained Dr. Terry Rose
After trying many different Teeth Whitening methods, Dr. Terry Rose from Smile in Style in Moonee Ponds, VIC, recommends the American product Kör whitening and deep bleaching system. Your Smile can reach new heights with the correct Teeth Whitening System. Contact Dr. Terry Rose for more information.

I’ve tried lots of different methods over the years. I’ve tried all sorts of different products. I have used high-intensity lights and some very strong bleach materials.

The best bleach material we have come across to date is an American product called Kör Whitening.

We find that we get really good colour changes; obviously, lighter results in the teeth, and the stability is really great.

We usually achieve this with home bleaching over a 2-week period, and we find that some patients are happy to maintain things by wearing their whitening splints one night a month.

If we want to have an even more effective product, we also do in-chair bleaching to follow up with more powerful bleaches with the Kör products.

We can even treat major staining cases like Tetracycline staining, and we get some quite good results.

Your smile can reach new heights with effective teeth whitening. Contact us for your treatment today.

In our practice, teeth whitening is accomplished with the Kör Deep Bleaching technique, which has given the best results of the techniques we have tried and researched. To begin treatment, moulds of your teeth are taken during a visit to our office. From these, custom-fitted whitening splints are made.

The Deep Bleaching technique is effective and simple to complete. Once your splints are completed, you are sent home with a supply of whitening gel, which is applied into splints and worn nightly for two weeks. After the home regimen has been completed, some patients are happy with the results and finish there. Other patients continue to complete a further in chair bleaching session which gives improved results. Another more lengthy deep bleach treatment option is available for tetracycline stained cases.

We use a whitening gel that has been tested extensively, and has been proven safe and effective. In a small percentage of test subjects, mild sensitivity occurred when teeth were exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Tooth sensitivity associated with teeth whitening is not permanent, and will subside in the days following the completion of a whitening regimen.

KOR Whitening

The time that results last after teeth whitening is dependent on various factors. Those who smoke, or consume foods and beverages known to cause stains, may require touch-up treatment sooner than others. However, it is possible to retain a vibrant, dazzling smile with occasional maintenance whitening, such as wearing whitening splints one night a month. We can provide you with the teeth whitening gel so that you can maintain the whiteness of your teeth yourself.

Your smile can reach new heights with effective teeth whitening. Contact us for your treatment today.

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Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol

  • Chlorella drink prior is given prior to treatment and a mouth rinse post-treatment. Chlorella can help bind and prevent mercury absorption.
  • Physical protective barriers - Masks, protective coverings, eyewear, in-mouth non-latex dental dams, and other steps are taken to prevent physical contact with mercury for the patient and staff.
  • Oral evacuation - Generous amounts of water are used to continuously rinse particulate matter from the mouth while suctioning it away. Combined with protective dental dams, this prevents patients from swallowing dental amalgam particles during treatment. Additionally, the rinsing helps lower the temperature of the filling, reducing the amount of mercury vapour released.
  • External air - A continuous supply of non-contaminated air or oxygen is delivered via a mask or similar apparatus, preventing inhalation of mercury vapour or particles.
  • "Chunk it out" method - Rather than using a drill to grind the filling down, it is carefully removed in the largest possible pieces, minimising friction, vaporisation.
  • High Volume Evacuation Suction is used by the dental assistant to remove amalgam particles in the mouth.
  • High Volume Air suction and Air Purifiers are used in the clinical room that is able to remove mercury vapour from the room.
  • Amalgam separator use - This device collects mercury-contaminated waste before it can enter the sewage system, allowing us to dispose of it safely.