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Dr. Terry Rose

dr terry rose

Dr. Terry Rose completed his Bachelor of Science (1981), and his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (1984) at the University of Otago in New Zealand. He moved to Australia in 1986 and opened Smile in Style in 1990, providing comprehensive holistic dentistry to patients in the Sunbury, Moonee Ponds, and nearby areas.

Areas of Interest

Holistic dentistry
Laser Dentistry
Dental Implants

Dr. Rose believes in the power of holistic dentistry and that the health of the mouth is directly linked to the health of the patient. To that end he has been awarded the title of an Accredited Biological Dentist by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and is SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified. Dr. Rose is committed to only using the safe amalgam removal protocols recommended by IAOMT in his practice for the safety of patients, his staff and the environment.

In addition to helping patients achieve a great smile, Dr. Rose also places great importance on the health of the mouth and the functionality of his patient’s teeth.

He uses treatments such as Orthodontics, CEREC technology, the KöR Teeth Whitening System, and Dental Implants to help patients achieve the smile they have always dreamed of.  The Smile in Style offices are armed with the most advanced dental technology. Dr Rose performs some of the newest dental procedures using the Dental Laser, CEREC Omnicam, digital radiographs that use low amounts of radiation, and the Diagnocam and Diagnodent Lasers for early decay detection. Dr. Rose also uses a Cone Beam CT unit and computer guided technology for accurate placement of Zirconia implants.  He performs root canals using the Rotary NiTi and Dental Laser using the PIPs and Sweeps techniques for improved root canal disinfection.

Dr. Rose has more than 20 years of extensive experience and training in Orthodontics having been a Progressive Orthodontic Seminar (POS) Instructor and is skilled at improving smiles for patients using clear aligners and fixed braces.

Dr. Rose believes that continuing education is important. Dr Terry Rose has completed The Laser and Health Academy (LA&HA) Master’s Program in Laser Dentistry in May 2019. Dr Rose is involved with training general dentists in the use of Laser and CEREC technology in Melbourne.  In 2021 Dr Rose was internationally recognised for his experience and involvement in local education, by the educational board of LA&HA and granted the title of Advanced Instructor in the use of Dental Lasers.

Further, he ensures that he and his team stay up to date with the latest advances in dental technology by frequently attending professional seminars.

When he’s not helping his patients, Dr. Rose spends his time doing yoga, Pilates, meditation, cycling, and bodysurfing with his wife and three daughters.


Smile in Style with Dr. Terry Rose

Smile in Style with Dr. Terry Rose

When I graduated my aunt was diagnosed with a neurological disease. She had tests done and she had high levels of mercury in her system, at that time it was fairly contentions whether this contributed to neurological diseases.

I did a lot of study at the time and since and that was probably really what got me interested in holistic dentistry.

As the years went on there were lots of other different cases that puzzled me and I obviously tried to present the best products in the business and inventions.

One of the major attractions is we have a high-tech office and we offer a lot of treatments, including laser treatments, CEREC, orthodontics, guided implants surgeries, safe amalgam removals.
So, patients come to see us for those high-tech angles, holistic angles and probably because we have a fairly relax treatment atmosphere.

We are supported by a bright team of dentists, hygienists, nurses, receptionists who have been with us for many years which is a fair amount of continuity for people.

Our goal is to work together with you to achieve your healthiest, most attractive smile while ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. Call on +61-3-8400-4104 | +61-3-8001-6021

Dr. Sutanter Wander

Dr Sutanter Wander

Dr Sutanter Wander began her dental career in India where she graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2006. She came to Australia and furthered her studies completing a Master of Biotechnology (Clinical Microbiology) at RMIT in 2008. She then completed her Bachelor of Dental Science with ADC in Australia in 2012 and has worked in private dental practices in Melbourne since then. Dr Sutanter consults at Smile In Style and has extensive experience in general dental care. She has a passionate interest in Holistic Dentistry. In particular, Dr Sutanter is SMART certified with The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology in the safe removal of amalgam fillings. She has also extensive experience with surgical extractions inclusive of most wisdom teeth and is able to provide socket preservation using Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF), as well as revision surgery.

Special areas of interest

Holistic Dentistry
Safe Amalgam Removal
Surgical Extractions with CGF
CEREC Restorations
Dental Laser
Clear Aligners

Dr Sutanter is committed to continuing professional development that enables her to deliver excellent quality dental care to her patients. Her well-developed interpersonal skills enable her to provide dental care to patients of all age groups, and different backgrounds. She particularly enjoys working with apprehensive and anxious patients to make them feel comfortable thereby making their dental treatment a positive experience.

When she is not at work, Dr Sutanter enjoys spending time with her dog and cats, reading, and catching up with friends.


Dr. Helen Luo

dr helen luo

After growing up in Hong Kong, Dr. Helen Luo returned to her birthplace of New Zealand to finish her education at the University of Otago, where she received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery.  She received a prize in Paediatric Dentistry during her student years. She has been working at Smile In Style since 1998 and in that time has provided long-term comprehensive dental care to her patients and their families.

Special areas of interest

Children’s Dentistry
Anxious adult patients
CEREC restorations
Dental Laser
Teeth Whitening

Dr. Luo has extensive experience in the use of CEREC for inlays, onlays, and crowns; the Dental Laser for treating children and adults and teeth whitening using the Kör whitening system. She is also a SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified dentist from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Her gentle fun approach is appreciated by not only the youngest patients at Smile in Style but also by apprehensive adults who are able to receive dental treatment in a comfortable, caring, state-of-the-art environment.

When she’s not working with patients, Dr. Luo enjoys going to the gym, participating in obstacle race events and running events, and spending time with her 2 teenage daughters. She also spent many years as the School Council President of her daughter’s Primary School.


Dr. Meenakshi Rajcoomar

dr meenakshi rajcoomar

Dr. Rajcoomar was born in Mauritius but spent most of her childhood in the United States. In 2004, after graduating from the University of Melbourne, she has worked mostly in private practices.

Areas of Interest

Orthodontics, including Clear Aligners and early orthodontic intervention in children
Cosmetic dentistry using CEREC technology
Root Canal Therapy
Sleep apnoea and sleep disorders
Jaw pain

Dr. Rajcoomar provides expert and gentle care to her patients while also taking a Holistic approach to her dentistry. She has recently completed a residency in craniofacial pain and functional breathing to better help patients with jaw pain, snoring, sleep apnoea and sleep disorders. In addition to this, Dr. Rajcoomar understands the improvements that she can make for her patients’ smiles by straightening their teeth through Orthodontics. She has completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) and is also a Certified Clear Aligner Practitioner.

Dr. Rajcoomar’ s commitment to holistic dentistry is demonstrated by her membership of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and she is also SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified. She is committed to only using the safe amalgam removal protocols recommended by IAOMT for the safety of patients, staff and the environment.

Dr Rajcoomar has completed the Oral Surgery course run by the University of Melbourne and is the main dentist in the practice that does tooth extractions due to her gentle techniques. Having developed her skills using the rotary NiTi, she enjoys the challenge of root canal treatment.

With a focus on cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Rajcoomar uses the CEREC technology to create beautiful biocompatible porcelain restorations. An avid learner, she always seeks out additional professional development seminars and training to learn more about advanced treatments and procedures that can improve her patients’ oral health. To assist her patients, Meenakshi is also fluent in French.

When not seeing patients, Dr. Rajcoomar enjoys cooking, gardening, and travelling.


Dr. Darshan Brar

Dr. Darshan Brar

Dr. Darshan Brar is a dedicated dental professional with a passion for creating beautiful smiles and promoting optimal oral health. She embarked on her journey in dentistry by earning her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in India in 2001. She later moved to Australia and in 2010, she achieved the Australian Dental Council Certificate.

Throughout her career, Dr. Darshan Brar has served the community in various roles. Her contributions to public health are evident through her work at the Sunbury Community Health Centre. She has also shared her knowledge and skills as a clinical demonstrator at the Melbourne Dental School, shaping the next generation of dental professionals. In addition, she has worked in several private dental practices in Melbourne, gaining a diverse range of clinical experiences.

Dr. Brar’s passion lies in family dentistry, where she collaborates with the residents of Sunbury to achieve not only healthy but beautiful smiles. She understands the importance of oral hygiene and is dedicated to using the latest technologies in dentistry to provide her patients with the best care possible.

Continuing education has helped shape Dr. Brar’s career. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of dentistry is demonstrated through her focus on areas such as Safe Amalgam Removal using the SMART Technique, Implantology, Endodontics, and Orthodontics. This commitment ensures that her patients receive the most up-to-date and effective treatments available.

Dr. Darshan Brar is excited to be consulting in Sunbury, offering comprehensive dental care to meet your needs. Whether it’s routine check-ups, smile makeovers, or improving your oral health, Dr. Brar is dedicated to providing the best dental care with a personalised touch.

For all your dental needs in Sunbury and the surrounding area, trust Dr. Darshan Brar to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.


Dr. Jasdeep Kaur

Dr Jasdeep Kaur

Meet Dr. Jasdeep Kaur, an accomplished General Dentist, who completed a Bachelor of Dentistry in India in 2012 and then successfully completed the Australian Dental Council Exam in 2017. With a dedicated career having worked in regional Victoria, with Community Health and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Dr. Jasdeep has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of general dentistry. More recently she has worked in private practices in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Her passion lies in transforming smiles by offering the SMART technique for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal and cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, and clear aligner therapy.

Dr. Kaur places a strong emphasis on building lasting connections with her patients and educating them on maintaining optimal oral health. She considers it a privilege to provide comprehensive dental care to entire families in the Sunbury area.

In her pursuit of excellence, Dr. Kaur enjoys using all of the technologies available at Smile In Style and values ongoing education as a means to continually enhance the quality of dental care for her patients.

Beyond the dental chair, you’ll find Dr. Jasdeep Kaur enjoys listening to music, cooking, reading about history and politics and cherishing the moments spent with her friends and family.


Peta Bevan – Practice Manager Moonee Ponds

Peta Bevan

Peta has worked as a dental assistant in private practice since 1986 and during her career, she has gained extensive experience in all areas of dentistry. She joined the team at Smile in Style in the year 2000 as a dental assistant and in 2014, moved into the role of Treatment Coordinator. More recently Peta completed a Diploma of Leadership and Management at RMIT and in 2021, Peta was promoted to the role of Practice Manager at the Moonee Ponds site.

Areas of Interest

Holistic Dentistry
Exceptional customer service
Patient education

Peta is passionate about providing high-quality care to her patients in conjunction with dentists and other team members at Smile In Style. In particular, she enjoys the close interaction with patients and being available to help them with any questions or concerns that they may have about improving their smiles and their dental treatment.

Outside of work, Peta values quality family time, cuddling her fur babies and traveling. A trip to Africa in 2017, where she sat side by side with the Mountain Gorillas in the Rwandan jungle remains an absolute highlight and dream come true.

Violeta Vartanian- Receptionist Moonee Ponds

Violeta Vartanian - Receptionist

Violeta joined the Smile In Style Management team in June 2023 as a Receptionist, working in the Moonee Ponds rooms. She comes to us with outstanding experience in customer service and administration skills. Violeta has achieved a Diploma of Business and Management in 2013 and has an extensive background working in the healthcare and dentistry sectors since 1996. She prides herself on providing high levels of customer service and helping the patients in the practice schedule their appointments and dental care.

In addition to her business and management skills, Violeta is fluent in speaking Armenian.

Outside of work, Violeta enjoys spending time with her family and friends and she enjoys going fishing with her partner.

Kathleen Colton – Biological Hygienist

kathleen colton

Kathleen Colton completed her Oral Health education at the University of Melbourne and has been working at Smile in Style since 1998. More recently Kathleen has completed the Biological Dental Hygiene Accreditation course in March 2022 with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and is the first Dental Hygienist to have completed this course in Australia.

Areas of Interest

Holistic Dentistry
Periodontal disease prevention
Hygiene dentistry

As a skilled Biological Hygienist, Kathleen understands the importance of the connection between oral health and overall health. She believes that through dental education, she is able to help Smile in Style patients prevent and improve oral disease by providing easy-to-understand information, demonstrating cleaning techniques, and the use of various products. Kathleen is able to help individuals recognize early warning signs of oral disease and properly care for their mouth, which in turn benefits their overall health and wellness. In addition, Kathleen can perform saliva and caries testing for individuals who frequently get cavities in order to help prevent future occurrences. Kathleen also uses the Diagnocam and Diagnodent Laser decay detector to assist with the early diagnosis of decay.

Kathleen provides various treatments including plaque removal through routine cleaning appointments and deep cleaning in order to control gum disease. Keeping her patients calm and comfortable is a top priority for Kathleen; therefore, she uses local anesthetic either in the form of a mouth rinse or injection when required. Kathleen also assists Dr. Rose by taking dental radiographs, and impressions and preparing teeth for orthodontic treatment.

Outside of work Kathleen enjoys going to the movies, traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with her husband, young son, and dog.

Renata Hemphill – Biological Hygienist

renata hemphill

Renata Hemphill completed her training as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist at King’s College in London in 2009. In addition to being a Dental Hygienist, Renata is a Certified Oral Myofunctional Therapist.  She works with our Dentists to provide individual treatment plans for adults and children who need a combination of exercises prior to a tongue tie release or to improve their bite, their breathing, and facial posture.

More recently Renata has completed the Biological Hygiene course through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.  Renata is only the second Dental Hygienist to complete this course in Australia.

Areas of Interest

Hygiene dentistry
Periodontal disease prevention
Holistic Dentistry
Children’s Dentistry
Oral myofunctional therapy

Renata understands that a patient’s overall health and wellness is directly impacted by the health of their mouth. Therefore, she educates and informs each patient about the benefits of proper oral health care and prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

As she has been trained to identify cavities and gum disease, Renata will examine each patients’ mouth for areas of concern. She will also perform dental x-rays and provide professional teeth cleaning. The young patients at Smile in Style especially love working with Renata because of her calm and gentle manner.

Renata’s personal interests include cooking, reading, and making dresses. She also loves travelling the world, and is fluent in Polish, German and English.

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Jessica Holland – Oral Health Therapist

Jessica Holland - Oral Health Therapist

Jessica is an enthusiastic, passionate, and professional Oral Health Therapist. She has recently graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy and Hygiene).
She joined the team at Smile In Style in 2021 and has a high level of knowledge in the dental industry, with over 10 years of experience as a dental assistant. She has also worked as a dental receptionist, providing administration for a range of different companies. As a result, Jessica has an excellent understanding of her patient’s needs and is able to communicate openly with her patients about their dental concerns.

Areas of Interest

Children’s Dentistry
Hygiene dentistry
Periodontal disease prevention

Jessica is extremely passionate about all aspects of oral health and the importance of patient education with a focus on empowering patients with knowledge in conjunction with dental therapy. Her aim is to provide her patients with the necessary tools to improve their oral health.

Outside of work, Jessica is a keen netballer and enjoys being involved in her local community

Caroline Turewicz – Business Manager

Caroline Turewicz - Business Manager

Caroline has a background in medical nursing and has achieved qualifications in Critical Care and Midwifery. She worked for a number of year as an associate nurse unit manager at Monash Medical Centre in the Operating Theatre before moving into medical sales with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. She was so interested in Business that she returned to university to complete a Master of Business Administration. Caroline joined Smile in Style in 1999. Caroline manages the Human Resources, financial and marketing side of the business. She enjoys working with staff to improve clinical outcomes and with patients to improve their dental health using a holistic approach.

Outside of work, Caroline likes to keep fit with cycling, swimming and pilates. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband Dr Terry Rose and their three daughters.

Robyn Allen – Practice Manager Sunbury

Robyn Allen

Robyn Allen has worked in the dental industry for more than 30 years. In her career, she worked for six years with the School Dental Service, where she and a team of dentists and therapists visited primary schools throughout the Western region of Melbourne. Her career path has also included work with an Endodontic specialist, as well as many years working in general dentistry practice.

Areas of Interest

Holistic Dentistry
Exceptional customer service
Patient education

Robyn has been a part of our team since 1997, and works closely with all of our dentists. She finds work at Smile in Style is always interesting; with the various types of dentistry we offer our patients. Robyn enjoys developing relationships with our patients and families and assisting them with all of their dental treatment needs.

Salli Graham – Treatment Coordinator

salli graham

Salli Graham joined the team at Smile In Style in 2016. She is friendly and approachable and has been working in the dental field for the last 20 years as a dental assistant and receptionist.

Areas of Interest

Holistic Dentistry
Exceptional customer service
Patient education

As Salli has had extensive experience working in general dental and also in the specialist field of endodontics, she understands many of the concerns that patients may have. As a result, Salli is able to work closely with her patients to present treatment plans in an easy to understand format, be available for any questions and ultimately to help them achieve their dental goals.

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Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol

  • Chlorella drink prior is given prior to treatment and a mouth rinse post-treatment. Chlorella can help bind and prevent mercury absorption.
  • Physical protective barriers - Masks, protective coverings, eyewear, in-mouth non-latex dental dams, and other steps are taken to prevent physical contact with mercury for the patient and staff.
  • Oral evacuation - Generous amounts of water are used to continuously rinse particulate matter from the mouth while suctioning it away. Combined with protective dental dams, this prevents patients from swallowing dental amalgam particles during treatment. Additionally, the rinsing helps lower the temperature of the filling, reducing the amount of mercury vapour released.
  • External air - A continuous supply of non-contaminated air or oxygen is delivered via a mask or similar apparatus, preventing inhalation of mercury vapour or particles.
  • "Chunk it out" method - Rather than using a drill to grind the filling down, it is carefully removed in the largest possible pieces, minimising friction, vaporisation.
  • High Volume Evacuation Suction is used by the dental assistant to remove amalgam particles in the mouth.
  • High Volume Air suction and Air Purifiers are used in the clinical room that is able to remove mercury vapour from the room.
  • Amalgam separator use - This device collects mercury-contaminated waste before it can enter the sewage system, allowing us to dispose of it safely.