Safe Amalgam Removal

Safe Amalgam RemovalAmalgam fillings contain around 50% mercury and a combination of other metals. The mercury from amalgam fillings is released as a poisonous vapour when you eat, brush your teeth and drink hot fluids.

Dr Tom McGuire who is an expert in the field of dental amalgam removal states that “Mercury is the most poisonous, naturally occurring, non-radioactive substance on the planet. There is no safe level of mercury. Eighty percent of the mercury vapour released from amalgam fillings is inhaled. Once inhaled, it passes quickly through the lungs, into and then out of the bloodstream, and accumulates in every cell of the body. As it accumulates, it poisons cells and tissues, particularly the brain and nervous system.”
(Dr Tom McGuire,

At Smile In Style, we remove mercury amalgam fillings safely, protecting the dentist, the staff, our patients, and the environment from excessive and unnecessary exposure to mercury vapour at the dental office. Our goal is to treat patients in the most healthy, caring, holistic way possible and to share information about dental wellness with our patients so that they can make educated decisions about their oral health. For more information go to:

Once the amalgam is removed from the tooth, we then replace the amalgam restorations with a composite, white filling material. For a larger filling we would recommend a CEREC restoration which is a long lasting, biocompatible ceramic restoration.

Our Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol includes:

  • Use of Non Latex Rubber Dam to prevent amalgam particles being swallowed
  • Use of oxygen for patients so oxygen is inhaled and not mercury vapour
  • High Volume Evacuation Suction
  • Amalgam is removed in large chunks with cool water
  • High Volume Air Suction to remove mercury vapour during the amalgam removal
  • Air Purifiers that removes the mercury vapour from the room
  • Protective masks and respirators for staff.

Amalgam fillings replaced with CEREC restorations

Amalgam Removal Case

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