We don’t often stop to think about how our jaw works, or the role teeth play in the complex system of joints, muscles, and bones. In fact, our teeth, jawbone, and joints must all work together for full functionality.

OrthodonticsOrthodontic treatment is beneficial not only because it straightens teeth for a beautiful smile, but also because it is devised to bring the various oral structures into harmony. While you may think of straightening your teeth as a more cosmetic improvement, doing so can also create a greater degree of comfort. Misalignment may lead to a number of issues, such as impaired speech, headaches or pain in the jaw, TMJ disorder, and even facial pain.

When teeth are improperly positioned, they are more difficult to clean adequately. Whether teeth are pushed up against one another, overlapping, or spaced too far apart, oral bacteria have the prime environment to multiply. For optimal oral health, we need to be able to reach all surfaces of each tooth for cleaning. When a space is hidden, the tooth cannot be adequately cleaned, thus increasing the potential for cavities and gum disease.

The specialty of orthodontics is devoted to improving the health and beauty of your smile using precise techniques tailored to your unique situation. We see orthodontics as a first line treatment option for alignment of teeth. This saves the need to cut a lot of tooth structure away. Often crowns and veneers are then not needed to straighten the teeth. We usually find orthodontics and bleaching will give a better, healthier and often less expensive result. A full set of orthodontic records is necessary to plan a case fully before embarking on treatment. In growing cases we also have the new POS growth prediction software where we can accurately predict future growth. Dr Rose and Dr Rajcoomar have been trained in POS orthodontics and are able to diagnose and treat misalignment of teeth with the appropriate oral appliance. Your Smile in Style dentist may incorporate fixed braces, plates, splints, headgear, and retainers into your comprehensive treatment plan as needed for optimal results. In extreme cases, oral surgery may be considered to correct issues in the jaw. As an alternative to jaw surgery we also offer orthodontic skeletal anchorage treatment options with pins placed into bone for extreme cases. This is part of advanced POS orthodontic training which some of our dentists have completed.

You do not need to feel embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth. Whether correction is needed for mild misalignment or much space between teeth, or there are bite issues like cross-bite or over-bite to address, your Smile in Style dentist has the expertise and artful eye to greatly improve your smile.

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