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Clear Aligners are a perfect fit with the many other advanced technologies available at the offices of Smile in Style in Sunbury and Moonee Ponds, Victoria. By getting your teeth to close and fit together correctly, our dentists can improve your smile and help to prevent some of the destructive complications associated with a malocclusion. Malocclusion is where the teeth are not aligned properly.  There is an imbalance between the upper and lower teeth when your mouth is closed. Such “bite imbalances” are typically caused by crowded, crooked, and otherwise misaligned teeth.

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When you bite down, your upper teeth should only slightly overlap the lower teeth. For individuals with malocclusion, however, the upper teeth may jut out too far, a condition known as “overbite”, or the lower teeth may project too much, known as “underbite”. Attractive smiles are balanced and symmetrical. So, uneven spacing between the teeth can detract from the beauty of your smile. Furthermore, the condition of a malocclusion places uneven and potentially excessive stress on teeth that may not be designed to withstand such pressure. Teeth and dental work may then become vulnerable to chips, cracks, and broken fillings. 

A malocclusion can also place extreme pressure on the tissues and structures connected to them. For instance, individuals with a “bad bite” may experience symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. These symptoms range from migraines to tinnitus to radiating facial, jaw, ear, neck, shoulder, and back pain. There are also practical challenges to brushing and flossing hard-to-reach and unevenly spaced teeth. When the teeth and gums are not properly cleaned, they are susceptible to decay and gum disease – a leading cause of tooth loss. 

Orthodontic treatment corrects these and other bite problems. Traditionally, fixed braces have been the standard treatment for malocclusions. Braces are effective, however, they may not be the ideal option for all patients. Metal braces are visible in the smile, and as they are fixed to the teeth, adjustments need to be made to eating, brushing, and flossing of teeth to prevent decay and gum disease occurring.

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Our Clear Aligners are different. Clear Aligners are based on similar principles to fixed braces which move teeth into alignment. By using Clear Aligners, a series of transparent, removable and flexible oral appliances to place consistent pressure on the teeth, teeth can be moved gradually into their correct, healthy positions. Treatment times will vary depending on the complexity of each case and will take around 12-36  months, for your teeth to be correctly repositioned. The finished product is a beautiful smile and risks of fractures and other forms of damage are minimised because your teeth are now aligned.  We accomplish all this in the most comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free way possible.

  • Start the process by scheduling a Consultation appointment at one of our two Melbourne-area locations, Moonee Ponds or Sunbury.
  • During your Consultation, one of our dentists will determine if you are a good candidate for Clear Aligner therapy. If you are a suitable candidate for Clear Aligners, then the Dentist will take a digital scan of your mouth using a specialised intra oral camera.  The software will create a 3-dimensional model of your mouth. This model can virtually simulate the treatment process. And you can see how your teeth will look post-treatment!
  • The digital technology will be used to fabricate your aligners precisely. They will fit your mouth well, will be comfortable, and will effectively straighten your teeth. 
  • Suitable candidates will receive their first sets of aligners (aligner trays) to be worn 22 hours/day over a 10 week period. 
  • Be sure to wear each set of aligners in the correct order to ensure treatment stays on track. 
  • Only remove the aligner trays before meals, and before flossing and brushing, and cleaning the tray itself. 
  • We will provide guidance on how to care for your aligners which are very low maintenance, especially when compared to fixed braces.
  • Visit our office around once every ten weeks. These visits are quick; we simply check your teeth and make sure everything is progressing as it should be, and then we provide you with the next sets of aligners.

We welcome your questions! Phone Smile in Style today at 03 8001 6021 (Sunbury) or 03 8400 4104 (Moonee Ponds) or book online for a consultation at

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Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol

  • Chlorella drink prior is given prior to treatment and a mouth rinse post-treatment. Chlorella can help bind and prevent mercury absorption.
  • Physical protective barriers - Masks, protective coverings, eyewear, in-mouth non-latex dental dams, and other steps are taken to prevent physical contact with mercury for the patient and staff.
  • Oral evacuation - Generous amounts of water are used to continuously rinse particulate matter from the mouth while suctioning it away. Combined with protective dental dams, this prevents patients from swallowing dental amalgam particles during treatment. Additionally, the rinsing helps lower the temperature of the filling, reducing the amount of mercury vapour released.
  • External air - A continuous supply of non-contaminated air or oxygen is delivered via a mask or similar apparatus, preventing inhalation of mercury vapour or particles.
  • "Chunk it out" method - Rather than using a drill to grind the filling down, it is carefully removed in the largest possible pieces, minimising friction, vaporisation.
  • High Volume Evacuation Suction is used by the dental assistant to remove amalgam particles in the mouth.
  • High Volume Air suction and Air Purifiers are used in the clinical room that is able to remove mercury vapour from the room.
  • Amalgam separator use - This device collects mercury-contaminated waste before it can enter the sewage system, allowing us to dispose of it safely.